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Waldemar the Warlock is a humorous and horrific point and click adventure game. The player gets to step into the shoes of Lord Alistair Ainsworth, a victorian british aristocrat who spends his time sticking his long nose into anything with a whiff of the paranormal or the occult.

Accompanied by his loyal butler Nigel, he leaves London behind and moves to the remote region of Groldavia in order to start an in situ research of a legendary necromancer who ruled the realm centuries ago. With the work he intends to publish on the subject, he hopes to finally achieve the fame and recognition that have always been just beyond his grasp, though always denied to him.

He then pours all of his energy and resolve into this book, but on his quest to unravel the mystery of the infamous warlock he will have to face down challenges much more sinister and formidable than the fear for a blank page...

Atmosphere reigns supreme in Waldemar the Warlock - its characters, dialogues and situations are heavily inspired by the charm of the horror films from the 60s and the charisma of actors such as Vincent Price. The game features detailed backgrounds and stunning 3D characters, blended in such a way that the result is a harmonious whole with a rich and artistic imagery.

Waldemar the Warlock is already Greenlighted on Steam.

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We did this demo for our failed Kickstarter campaign, to give our backers a taste of the atmosphere and the writing we have planned. It's not intended to reflect the actual gameplay nor the final quality of the game -- the graphics are work in progress and there are no puzzles. But you can give it a try for a funny take on Waldemar the Warlock!


Windows version

English, German, Spanish. Installer | Portable zip

(Portable Version requires Visual Studio 2012 Runtime Components. You can download it from here)


MacOS version

English, German, Spanish. ZIP package

(MacOS 10.7 Lion or higher required)