Waldemar Gorobec Vajda, the Warlock

Waldemar Gorobec Vajda, the Warlock


Former starosta of Alturia and Groldavia, Waldemar Gorobec Vajda more than earned his sobriquet of ¨The Plague¨ , for wherever he went he always left a smeared trail of death and destruction.


His ruthlessness inspired legends, and his extreme malevolence was used as an example and a warning by the pure and the pious.


He ruled the realm with a cruel iron fist and with a considerable amount of the blackest shade of magic, and he ended up fulfilling the destiny of all his ancestors, men and women alike, by dying lynched and burned on a pyre.


He wrote a book, De Artis Oscurae, which is still considered an authority among the studious of such matters, on the subject of the cursing of rivals and crops, and the curing and inflicting of the evil eye.


He also authored an ample collection of poetry, composed in his vernacular tongue, compiled in the anthologies Piercing Lament and Piercing Lament and Other Tortures, which have for decades been unjustly dismissed by literary critics for being ¨too passional¨.


W G V has been considered by the initiated and by scholars with a lot of time on their hands as the greatest necromancer who ever walked this dismal planet, and is reputed to have been able to raise the dead with only the aid of one glass of sour milk and a few ill sounding words.


Whether this is the truth, mere speculation of idle minds, or gross self serving hyperbole to justify biographical bestsellers, is a question that shall forever remain unanswered.