Meet Lady Florence

Meet Lady Florence


Florence Petunia Brittany Adele Fall-in-Love Saxton-Durmingham, eight baroness of Alturia and Groldavia.

As befits her lineage, she is the proud owner of a strong character, and is adorned by that entertaining virtue, the wandering whim. Also, she possesses the ability to fall madly and intensely in love with much older, dull and, coincidentally, rich men.

As was the case with her grandmother, Florence, and her great grandmother, Rosamunde Celie, her luck in love has been varied; always having been married to men who have increased her already stupendous fortune and properties, but who have not been able to continue in this word by her side for very long.

The last one, Arthur, a dreamer more attached to the starry firmament than to this moist and foggy earth, did not fare better than his predecessors, the handsome Bertold, or the faithful Samford. They all died in their beds, having acquired a greenish hue, after eating food prepared by the devoted hands of loving Florence.

Even so, her string of marriages have not been for naught. She has learnt from her ¨regretted Bertold¨ a certain poise, from ¨dear Samford¨ the gift of giving idle pastimes an air of the extraordinary, and from ¨poor Arthur¨ the perfect, deep, desolate sigh.

All these charms, along with her magnificent and generous dinner parties, have made her stately town house with the prim perfect garden in the back  the center of Groldavias social life. Her social gatherings are visited by the creme of the town; any   artists passing (usually reluctantly) on their way to somewhere else, local public servants (or so they say), and, inevitably, the town´s doctor, the local  judge, and the incumbent clergyman.

These three notables will discourse on public health, the lack of law and order, and the peasants´ loss of faith, while Lady Florence will sigh her echoing sigh, and despair of finding the next knight in shining armour. Or just a knight. Or any man really. Or something reasonably like one.

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