Our Influences Revealed – Books

Our Influences Revealed – Books

There is a very small list of books that we can say have served as inspiration when creating the plot for The Weird Story Of Waldemar The Warlock. What all of them share is a sinister mood and a preoccupation with the supernatural and with the dark side of things.

The first one I should mention is The case of Charles Dexter Ward, by Howard Phillips Lovecraft. This is the story of an evil necromancer who uses his power to bring back the deceased. In a way the starting point of our adventure´s story is similar to this. And, as in many of Lovecraft´s works, our protagonist is a cultured, highly-educated, somewhat snobbish man, who is at risk of being gradually corrupted by some obscure and feared influence.

Another cherished influencer has been Edgar Allan Poe of course, a true master in the creation of characters who are tormented, and crushed by guilt and remorse. People withdrawn from the normal everyday life of their contemporaries, descending into madness. The biggest fear of this writer was to be buried alive and many of his stories revolve directly or indirectly around this dread. This is a detail that is very present to us while designing the atmosphere of the game.

And lastly we have also based ourselves on a few other works, mostly set in sinister locations such as old crumbling mansions , abbeys and castles, isolated and haunted. Literary critics sometimes dismiss some of these works as “mere” gothic fiction, but we make no distinctions. We have equally plundered Bram Stoker´s Dracula, Jan Potocki´s The Manuscript found in Zaragoza, C. R Maturin´s Mermoth The Wanderer, and J.S Le Fanu´s The Cloostedd Prophesy.

These books we have candidly listed here are our main spiritual guides, so to speak. But surely, there are other works that have influenced and haunted us without us suspecting it. We are what we read, to a measure, after all.

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