Our Influences Revealed – Films

Our Influences Revealed – Films

Some movies have stayed stuck to our retinas, and we have channeled their aftertaste by making The Weird Story of Waldemar The Warlock partly as a tribute to them.

Chief among these are the ones produced by the british studio Hammer. Some of them with monsters in them, and some without. Especially those directed by Terence Fisher. We love the dreamlike feel of these films, their visceral, brave and radical production. Movies that even then were made with an eye on a glorious past, steeped in nostalgia, and which today have aged into museum pieces.

Several of these films were graced by lead actors who lent seriousness, believability and quality to the projects. There is, for example, Vincent Price, whose features have fathered our own Lord Alistair´s. We also have to mention Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, who with their hypnotic gaze, their gaudy period costumes and their loud and distinct voices commanded our respect and created memorable characters. Female actors in those movies had somewhat less protagonic roles, mostly they got to grace the screen as damsels in distress or victims of pagan or sinister sacrifices. And they got to practice the art of the perfect bloodcurdling scream.

And how can we ever forget the great Roger Corman, who adapted many of Edgar Allan Poe´s works for the American International Pictures Studio. With very modest resources, and a lot of ingeniousness, he gathered an important array of talented people, and his influence was felt well beyond the time of his tenure. He delighted all fans of Classic Horror (with capital letters) with offerings such as “House of Usher”, “The premature Burial”, “Pit and the Pendulum”, “The Haunted Palace”, or “The Masque of Red Death”.

Most of the movies we mention date from a period spanning two decades (1950s to 1970s) but a very few were filmed even before this time, and some were after. And all of them have passed through our minds when designing the scenery, writing the story, and coming up with the puzzles. Hellraiser, The Changeling, The Legend of Hell House, The Haunting…. all of their haunted halls and desperate souls have been looking over our shoulders!

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